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Lake Phalen Engagement Photography: Rachel and Griffin | Saint Paul | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was a pretty fun shoot, as we had only photographed Lake Phalen engagement photography once before. There were a lot of crazy elements to this one though.

We had met with Rachel and Griffin a few months back and are really excited to shoot their wedding. They are so much fun and much like many of our other couples, pretty chill as well. They are getting married at Kellerman’s Event Center, which is like a second home to us. They decided they wanted to do Lake Phalen engagement photography and we were really happy about that.

The first part of this engagement session which we find memorable is that it was rescheduled. Why? Their original date was the day in Minnesota that the temperature soared to 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Forget that. No one is going to feel good standing around in that heat. We all would have been miserable. So it stands to note that, of course, it rained on the reschedule date. They were totally cool with it though. It was nice because this was actually Fourth of July weekend. Because of the rain, everyone visiting the lake left. Plus, the balance of the sky was amazing.

Second, when we arrived, we arrived at the boat launch. Having only been at the lake once, we thought we knew where we were. Clearly, we did not. We couldn’t find the area we had shot in before, so we all got back in the car and ended up driving around the ENTIRE lake. Finally, we just ended up back where we started. We decided to just start walking around and photograph what we could find. After all, it may not have been where we originally wanted to go, but the area was still beautiful.

Well, we walked for about ten minutes and found the area we were looking for. It was hidden away from the road. So now, we know exactly where to go.

Rachel and Griffin pushed their way through the rain. It rained a lot when we started and when we were finishing the session. It drizzled throughout the middle. This goes to show that if it rains when you are getting photos, you shouldn’t worry.

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