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Five Different First Looks : Which One is the One for You?

There used to never be first looks.  If you don’t know the actual history behind why that is, here it is in a nutshell.  The reason the couple never would see each other prior to a ceremony comes from arranged marriages.  It ensured that people wouldn’t see who they were marrying, not like what they saw, and run away.  That’s it.  When I first found that out, I laughed so hard.  Especially considering, my husband and I didn’t do a first look. So I totally fell for that.

Moving on, there are multiple first looks.  Here are some of our favorites:

The Classic

This is when the couple does a first look with one another.  It’s the most common of all the types.  There are so many ways to set it up and so many different reactions.  We love them.

The Parents

This is when one or both of the people getting married does a first look with their parents.  We have done a variety of them over the years.  Bride with dad, bride with mom, groom with mom, groom with dad, and so forth.

The Grandparents

Sure, this may fit under the parents’ category, but we love this.  It’s so sweet.

The Bridesmaids

This one is one of our favorites.  It’s so easy to do and the reactions from multiple people at once are so sweet.

The Groomsmen

Can’t leave out the groomsmen.  This is also another one that is just so much fun.

Odds are, I’m leaving out more of them.  But you can do anything you want.  All of these are so fun and emotional.  It’s important to always be yourself on your big day and incorporating one of these that you enjoy may make your day that much more you.  We absolutely love them all, so we’d be happy to incorporate them all for you.

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