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Camrose Hill Wedding Photography – Stephanie and Andy | Stillwater | Minnesota Wedding Photography

A Camrose Hill wedding is one of our favorite weddings to photograph.  Why?  Camrose Hill is one of our absolute favorite venues. I’ve most likely said this in past posts, but if we were getting married now, we’d get married there.  It’s just so beautiful.  We’d photograph a Camrose Hill wedding every single weekend if we were only allowed to shoot at one place.

Onto the day!  So, Stephanie and Andy are pretty much our ideal clients.  They’re so easy to get along with.  When we first met to talk about wedding photography, we ate nachos together and talked about the wedding for probably five minutes.  Stephanie was just like, “Oh, yeah, we’re hiring you,” and then it was onto talking about pets, TV shows and just about anything else.

Their engagement session was in the middle of the cold Minnesota winter.  And by cold, I mean COLD.  The original date was too far below zero, so we had to reschedule.  Then the rescheduled date came up and it was even colder.  We got their engagement photos done in twenty-eight minutes because the two are so candid and comfortable together that it didn’t take any longer.

The day of the wedding was much warmer.  We started at the gorgeous Hotel Crosby and made our way to Camrose Hill Flower Farm for the ceremony and reception.  It was such a fun day.

Highlights of the day:

    • Stephanie and Andy got ready together.  AWESOME.  They were together until she got into her dress (which he didn’t see).  Then he saw her at the first look after that.  For those thinking this would ruin any reactions at first look or the ceremony, it wasn’t the case.  Check out the photos.
    • Stephanie’s twin sister was the one who helped her into her dress.  I thought that was cool. She buttoned it wrong the first time, which led to a lot of laughter.
    • They handpicked ALL the dishes at the reception.  It was awesome.  Check out all the color.
    • Champagne photos!  Seriously, I love them.  Especially the night ones.  They’re so fun.
    • Their dog, Frank, came to the venue for photos.  He didn’t stay, but was there in spirit on the couple’s cocktail sign.
    • They read their vows to one another prior to the ceremony in private.  Love it.


Review from the couple:

“I cannot thank Kyle and Tracy enough for sharing their talent with us on our wedding day. It was really important to me that our photographers were kind, down to earth people who were going to capture us perfectly in our element. After meeting them, they felt like fast friends which helps immensely on a stressful day. I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for incredible, beautiful, memorable photos from a couple of wonderful people! We are forever grateful!”

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