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Backyard Wedding Photos: Phoebe and Dave | Saint Paul | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

If there was one thing I never thought I would do when I started in the wedding industry, it was backyard wedding photos.  Reason being, there is always a very typical idea of a wedding in most people’s heads.  The only place I had ever seen backyard weddings was in movies.  Well, that all changed in 2020, obviously.  We have now shot more backyard wedding photos than I can count and honestly, I love them.  They are extremely unique and personal.

Phoebe and Dave were married at their home this August.  The two are friends of Kyle’s and got married very short notice.  It was awesome that he got to photograph their wedding because this year, we only had one planned out August wedding. Normally, our Augusts are full.  So when they contacted us, we were very happy to get to take part in it.

When I say Kyle knows them, he has known Phoebe since he was in his 20’s and has known Dave since he was 14.  So they go WAY back.  I met Phoebe several years back when she lived in New York and met Dave a couple years back.  Needless to say, it was a very easy wedding to photograph.  Lots of reminiscing.

Highlights of the day:

– Phoebe’s dress.  She couldn’t remember where she had gotten it.  She said it had been in her closet for years and she had never worn it.  So why not for your wedding, right?  Just a great dress.

– See the roses?  The two of them love to watch and rip on “The Bachelor“, so they did the final roses with each other.  So funny.

– Small weddings rule.  I’ll say it forever. Just have one and you’ll see what I mean. You focus so much more on the really important things.

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