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The Outpost Center Wedding: Tara and Lance | Chaska | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Tara and Lance were married at The Outpost Center in Chaska, Minnesota on a very warm, summer day this August.  The week of their wedding was a little crazy weather wise, as it had been raining and humid all week.  So it was a real toss up as to what it would be like come wedding day. Lucky for them, there was a breeze at their location that day. Some saw it as a bad thing, but we had come from an area that was extremely humid, so we were all about it.

We had photographed their engagement photos at the venue the previous fall.  It was so funny because that day had been so windy that we nearly had to call it off.  However, we found a spot down the hill that blocked the wind and those photos turned out amazing.  So the little bit of wind the day of the wedding was nothing.

We absolutely loved the second half of their day (basically, after the ceremony).  That was when all the guests got to chat and everyone just really had a lot of fun.  The weather turned beautiful and it was simply a relaxing, beautiful summer evening.  It’s the kind of reception we all hope for.  Aside from and thank you speech and a prayer, the night was very informal and casual.  It was just a lot of fun.

Highlights of the day:

– The Outpost Center is a great venue.  We had never shot there prior to meeting Tara and Lance and loved it.
– They had a barbecue for dinner.  SO GOOD.
– Tara had two dresses, which I always think is cool.  I actually liked her reception dress better than her wedding one because I’m a fan of the colored dresses.  Hers was a pink tone and I thought it was beautiful.
– Their children were their wedding party.  If you follow our blog, you’ll know I always find that rather touching.
– Sunset was SO gorgeous!!

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