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Senior Pictures: Jaxon | Saint Anthony Main | Minnesota Senior Photography

I have to say that doing senior pictures for Jaxon is a total timestamp for us.  Why?  For a couple reasons, actually.  First, Kyle and I have known Jaxon’s dad forever. I actually don’t even know how long Kyle has known him, but it’s longer than me.  I have known his dad since I was sixteen, back in 1998.  We all worked together and have been friends for a long time.  Second, I remember when Jaxon was born and I remember him being the little boy at our wedding rehearsal dinner who shoved all the pasta in his face.  I don’t see him as the person getting his senior pictures done.  I will forever see him as that little boy.

Back to present day, however, we were really excited to do Jaxon’s senior photography.  These were shot at Saint Anthony Main and the Stone Arch Bridge, two amazing staples of the Minneapolis cityscape.  This was a really fun session that was made easy by his easy going nature.

It’s so funny how much easier it is doing senior photos of guys.  I’ll admit, being a former high school girl, that we are way pickier than guys about these things.  So when we go on a senior boy shoot, they typically are like, “Whatever my parents want.”  It’s hilarious how often that happens.  Not to say they don’t have any input, but by comparison, there is no contest.  So it was a lot of fun.

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