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At Home Duluth Wedding: Jessie and Matt | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This was one of the many at home weddings we photographed during 2020, due to the pandemic.  The difference with this one was that it was one out of three.  This was a Duluth at home wedding.  It was beautiful because Duluth is incredible during the fall.  We lucked out and this wedding landed on the most colorful week of that season.  That being, it also rained that day too.  If you look closely, you’ll notice a lot of rain throughout these photos.  Then there are lots of raindrops at the end.

Jessie and Matt were officially married weeks prior at a very small ceremony in Stillwater.  Initially, before the whole world shut down, they had hired us for a whole wedding day.  When we were all rearranging this, they figured they would just have us for the one day.  They mentioned to us that they were then going to be doing parties with each of their families.  Hence, they would have three small days.  We offered to cover all three days.

That’s how we ended up here and why there is no ceremony or really too many formal shots in this post.  This was the last of the three days.  Imagine if you did your wedding three times – it would be simple by that third go.  They wanted couple photos there and candids.  Halfway through the day, Jessie decided to change into a comfortable shirt and pants.  She stayed in white with her shirt and we got awesome rain photos for them.

It was a lot of fun.  The year of 2020 was so brutal for everyone, but I believe there are moments when people really felt what was important.  This day was full of those moments for us.  There are things far more important than big weddings and having everything all tie together perfectly.  Be with the ones you love.  That’s what matters.


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