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Sunset Engagement Session: Piril and Dave | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Okay, so this sunset engagement session is super close to the wedding – fifty seven days.  Still, it is not the closest we have ever shot.  That honor goes to an engagement session we shot a week prior to the wedding.  But that’s another story.

This sunset engagement session is of Piril and Dave, a wonderful couple we met in August.  I’m so glad we got their wedding because they are both just so much fun. We met them at Spyhouse Coffee in Northeast Minneapolis on a very rainy morning.  It was a first consult and those typically last about 45 minutes, less at a coffee shop.  When we left, I realized we had been there for TWO HOURS.  Why? Because we all had so much in common and kept chatting.  That’s a way you know that you have a great person for your wedding day, if you get along with them that well.

The session itself was so much fun.  They were having fun the whole time and were so easy to work with.  Perhaps the best part of the session for us was when we played a word association game.  We said, “Movie!” and Piril just goes, “Seven!”  Both Kyle and I were like, “Seven??  Who are you, US???”  Because seriously, if we were in their shoes, I one hundred percent would have said Hellraiser, or something equally as horrifying.

These two are getting married at Young Joni this November and we are SO excited for their day!  We love November weddings because their is a chill in the air, but not as cold as Minnesota can possibly be.  It’s a gorgeous time of year.  Cannot wait!

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