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The Mill Wedding Photography: Maddy and Jake | The Mill Events | Chetek, Wisconsin

I have to say, it was pretty cool getting to do The Mill wedding photography in Chetek, Wisconsin for Maddy and Jake’s big day.  Why, you ask?  The major reason we like doing The Mill wedding photography is because it is ten minutes from Kyle’s sister’s house.  When we booked with Maddy and Jake, we were excited to go to his sister’s house.  We never get to see our family during the fall because business is so crazy.  Well, guess what?  She and her wife were going to a wedding that weekend! Of course.  So they let us stay at the house anyway.  Which was weird because it seemed so empty with only us in it.  But waking up in the country where it was super quiet the day of a wedding was SO nice!

Moving on, The Mill is a really cool venue.  There are certain venues that we walk into and immediately say, we would have our wedding here.  The Mill is one of those places.  I love venues that are made to look amazing on the inside for indoor weddings. That way, you don’t have to worry about the weather the day of your wedding.  We were able to take amazing photos inside.  Also, the people running it are so nice.  Just an awesome team.

Maddy and Jake are so much fun and their people were great to work with as well.  Despite it only being 27 degrees when we arrived, we were still super pumped for the day.  We shot their engagement photography last year in Eau Claire and we knew the day would be awesome.  It was one of those wedding days that we would love to relive again and again.

Highlights of the day:

– The venue.  I’ve explained this already.
– Their wedding party was so much fun. Everyone in it was just great for so many reasons.
– They had a huge amount of people on their dance floor.  If you want something to really make your reception, make sure you get an awesome DJ so everyone is up there dancing.  We both got a workout just running around that floor doing photos.
– Throughout the morning, Maddy and her party kept talking about how Jake is really particular about his hair.  Per the usual, things ran a bit late getting ready.  We were ready to take Maddy out for first look when someone told us that Jake needed more time for his hair. That was certainly talked about quite a bit.
– We were completely done with the day and were out packing the car.  Then we turned around and saw the huge full moon above the venue.  So we had to go grab Maddy and Jake for one last photo.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so wonderful!

Photography: RKH Images

Catering: Live Great Food

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