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Fall Morning: Becca and Matt | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Engagement Photographer

These engagement photos were shot on a fall morning in Eagan, Minnesota.  It was unnaturally warm for a fall morning in Minnesota.  The weather this fall has been incredibly warm for fall standards.  I had to give them a lot of credit because it was really warm and they were wearing fall clothes to match with the fall photos.  For reference, Becca was wearing a sweater.  I was sweltering in a thin t-shirt.  So kudos to them.

some background…

We met with them over dinner at The Block a few months prior to discuss their day.  It was a wonderful dinner and it was so nice to catch up with Becca again. We are super excited to shoot the wedding for these two next year.  First off, fun note, they are getting married on our sixteenth wedding anniversary.  So that’s awesome.  Second, we shot Becca’s sister’s wedding a few years ago and loved working with both of them.  Weddings where we get to go back and see former clients are the BEST.   I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, burgundy is just one of the best colors for clothes in both fall and winter photos.  If you’re ever looking for a go to, that’s the color. It just looks amazing against either the fall colors, or the white of snow. So I was very happy when I saw that Becca was wiling to wear that burgundy sweater in that near ninety degree heat.

The two of them were so candid and fun at this session.  Lots of silly posing and they went with all of it.  We absolutely love clients like that.  And again, we were at Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan.  It’s such a hotspot for photography.  Just a gorgeous place.  Originally, we were supposed to shoot this session at another park. However, it required a permit and they weren’t able to secure it in time. Lebanon served as a perfect replacement.

Couple laughing on bridge in Eagan, Minnesota during their fall engagement photography. Man dressed in flannel and jeans carrying woman on his back in the woods. Man giving woman in red sweater and jeans a piggy back ride on a fall morning. Couple walking and laughing through the woods on a fall morning.

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