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Sunrise Engagement Photography: Annalyse and Brent | Taylor’s Falls | Minnesota Engagement Photography

Sunrise engagement photos are my favorite.  I’m just going to say it.  Some people are not fans of them, for the big obvious reason.  People don’t want to get up in the morning to get them taken.
But here’s the deal:

a) They are BEAUTIFUL.  My favorite light of the day, personally.

b) No one else is around.  You can go to some of the busiest places normally and there is no one there.

We shot Annalyse and Brent’s sunrise engagement photos at Taylor’s Falls on one of the first very cold days of the season.  This session was actually going to be done on our way to Hayward, Wisconsin to visit family.  So it was a nice stop.  It was COLD, though.  I literally got out of the car and had to jump back in because my system wasn’t yet used to the cold.  There’s always that moment each year.

Annalyse and Brent are the third couple in this awesome group of couples whose weddings we have shot.  We shot their friends’ Erin and Tim’s wedding a few years back.  Then, Annalyse was in Amber and Tyler’s wedding this fall.  This was a major benefit when we showed up at a session that was really uncomfortable weatherwise.  We were already comfortable with each other personally.  Annalyse and Brent are the type of people that just fell into poses without us mentioning what to do.  Because of that, we were able to get the session done in half the time we normally do and deliver a ton of photos at the same time.

They brought their cute little dog, Gus, who very much enjoyed walking around Taylor’s Falls after his pictures.  He’s so cute!  The fall colors at that park are so beautiful.  Annalyse really pushed through the cold wearing a sleeveless dress for the first half of the session, which everyone has mentioned who has seen these.  They’re so much fun.  We can’t wait to shoot their wedding a year from now!

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