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Family Photos in the Fall: The Simars | Lebanon Hills Regional Park

Family photos in the fall are some of the best.  In Minnesota, we are lucky enough to have extremely beautiful fall colors, regardless of if it is for a short amount of time.  That is why we like to offer fall mini sessions.  We also offer them in the summer, but the fall is so different.  It is nice to have both options.

We have worked with Tiffany and Ben several times in the past.  We actually photographed her pregnancy photos.  We then also photographed photos of the whole family once before.  Amelia is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen.  She was an adorable baby, so smiley.  I always think of Cindy Lou Who when I see her.  Tiffany and Ben are such nice people and we love working with all of them.

With mini sessions, we only shoot for twenty minutes.  So with kids, you hope for the best.  We had a great time working with them, getting lots more candids than posed photos.  That’s really the key with kids of a certain age.  They often want to run all over and it’s best to get photos of them having that fun.  One of our favorite shots in this session was the last on this post. It was actually the last one we shot, when they were walking back to the car.  It’s so cute.  We showed it to Tiffany and she goes, “Oh, I’m printing that!!”  Some of the best ones are those simple candid moments.

Although family photos in the fall are beautiful, they always come with the cave-ate of possibly dealing with cold weather.  Luckily, that wasn’t the case that day.  It was so beautiful out.  It was a lovely day to get out, have some fun, and capture some memories.

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