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Piril and Dave: Speakeasy Wedding | Young Joni | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Piril and Dave were married at Young Joni on the first very cold day of the season this year.  Still, it was such an awesome day!

For those that have not been to Young Joni, first off, it’s amazing.  The food is SO good!  They also have a little speakeasy in the back called The Back Bar.  That is where Piril and Dave were married.  It’s so cool back there.  The Back Bar feels like you are hidden away from the rest of the world.  There’s couches and little tables, very strong drinks, pizza, and more.  It’s got such a home feel to it.  We had previously shot an engagement session there and that’s how they found us.  The lighting is “delicate” back there, as their officiant called it.  So if you don’t know how to light it, you’d better figure it out.

We met Piril and Dave shortly before their wedding.  We’re talking a couple of months.  We met on a very rainy day at Spyhouse Coffee in Northeast and ended up talking for almost two hours.  They are both such great people and we knew their wedding would be wonderful.

Highlights of the day:

– Despite the cold weather, everyone stuck it out and got great outdoor photos.
– Piril’s dress and coat were so cool.  I LOVE when brides wear jackets and coats.  That’s Minnesota for you.

– THE FOOD!  Omg, if you haven’t ever tried Young Joni’s cauliflower, do it now.

One big thing we loved about this wedding was the overall chill feel of the day.  No one got stressed or worked up about anything.  After first look and formals, Piril and Dave took off to have an hour to themselves before their ceremony. At that time, the guests went to Young Joni for drinks.  When they arrived, they simply stood in front of everyone and were married. Then they just enjoyed their evening.  It was so much fun.

A bride holds a bouquet in her dress and fur coat in Saint Anthony Main, Minneapolis, Minnesota. A bride and groom walk across cobblestone in Saint Anthony Main, Minneapolis, Minnesota. A bride and groom kiss on a rock with the Minneapolis skyline behind them.

Bride and groom hugging and looking at each other on bridge with Minneapolis skyline in the background.

Woman hugging a bride at Young Joni in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Bride and groom getting married inside Young Joni in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A bride holding flowers looking over her shoulder at Young Joni in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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