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Minnesota Barn Wedding Venues : Five of Our Favorites

Barn wedding venues are a huge part of the wedding industry in the Midwest.  We love our barn weddings here.  Kyle and I are no exception to this rule.  They are simply fun weddings that can be extremely beautiful at the same time.

In this post, we’ll be going over some of our favorite barn wedding venues in Minnesota.  Due to how different they are from one another, these are in no particular order.  We hope you enjoy looking at these venues as much as we enjoy working at them.

1. Mayowood Stone Barn

Rochester, Minnesota

stone barn wedding venue wedding table decorated in barn married couple kissing in reception area married couple having first kiss under tree

This venue is hidden away in Rochester, Minnesota, roughly eighty miles from the Twin Cities.  The venue is a century old standing, made of stone.  I feel the stone gives it a unique look that stands apart from other barn venues in this state.  The reception area has a European feel to it that we both adore. We’ve photographed numerous weddings here and aside from the barn, the tree people get married under makes for an incredible ceremony space.

See real weddings from Mayowood Stone Barn here and here.

2. The Barn at Crocker’s Creek

Fairbault, Minnesota

couple kissing in front of barn wedding venuegroom kissing bride on head on a bridge

Yet another barn venue that is very hidden away, this is one of our absolute favorites.   You want to hear something cool about this place?  They don’t advertise.  It’s all word of mouth, which gives it kind of an underground feel.  We love shooting there because it’s always the same type of people there.  Those that are looking to do a chill, fun wedding.  We’ve had more brides wear denim jackets here than any other venue we’ve shot at.  It’s just an amazing place.

See real weddings from Barn at Crocker’s Creek here, here, and here.

3. Creekside Farm Weddings and Events

Rush City, Minnesota

bride opening barn doors bride and groom kissing while holding son bride and groom kissing on a bridge

bride and groom standing in field during a storm

Creekside is on fifty acres of land.  It’s HUGE.  We could literally photograph there for days (and very nearly have).  We have photographed multiple weddings there and it’s just so beautiful, whether it’s the middle of the winter or the summer.  One big highlight – the getting ready room is GORGEOUS!!!  It’s just so pretty!  The woodwork in the barn also stands out.  It has an elegance about it that we haven’t seen at other barn venues, giving it a romantic vibe that makes you fall in love with it.  It makes for a beautiful reception.  Also, they really know how to both heat and cool this venue, unlike other barn venues we have experienced.  Some barn venues get over the top hot when guests arrive.  That is not the case here, which we absolutely love.

See real weddings from Creekside Farm here and here.

4. Hope Glen Farm and Tree House

Cottage Grove, Minnesota

wedding reception pavilion wedding party at head table bride and groom kissing while holding purple smoke bombs

Roughly thirty miles from the Twin Cities stands Hope Glen Farm and Tree House.  We have only photographed one wedding there, but it was memorable.  The venue is beautiful and I can’t say enough about the pavilion where they hold dinner.  It’s beautiful and even when filled to capacity, feels comfortable.  Something unique about this venue is the treehouse.  You can actually stay there overnight, which is an awesome option for couples.

See a real wedding from Hope Glen Farm here.

5. Legacy Hill Farm

Welch, Minnesota

legacy hill farm

legacy hill farm barn wedding wedding couple cornfields wedding first kiss

About fifty miles from the Twin Cities sits Legacy Hill Farm.  This is another venue we have only shot at once, but it left a lasting impression.  This is another venue with beautiful wedding party suites.  They are gorgeous.  One big thing that stands out as well is the barn doors they utilize outside for the walking down the aisle entrance.  If I was looking for a wedding venue myself, those would put this venue at the top of the list.

See a real wedding from Legacy Hill Farm here.

Those are just little bits and pieces of the larger parts of these venues.  If you are looking for a barn wedding venue, I would highly recommend any of them.

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