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Earl and Wilson Center Wedding: Jenna and Janine | Saint Paul | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Woo hoo – Jenna and Janine’s Earl and Wilson Center wedding is upon us!

The reason we are so excited about this wedding, well, one reason, is because it’s been TWO  YEARS since they booked us!  That’s often the case with weddings.  However, when the wedding is in the last month of the year, it just seems like it takes that much longer.  We met them online during the lovely time a few years back when Zoom meetings were all the rage.  So glad we don’t do that anymore.  It was a match and they booked us!  Also, Earl and Wilson Center wedding days are gorgeous.  I mean, look at the place.

Their engagement photos happened on a day where it pretty much poured rain.  I remember it so well because we had flown back to Minnesota from a Denver engagement session the night prior, so the rain was our welcome home party.  We all made the best of it however and the results were lovely.  Their dog, Granger, was amongst the photos.  I keep accidentally calling Granger Hermonie in my head.  I don’t even know if Granger is actually named after Hermonie Granger, but my mind can’t seem to get past it. Awesome Golden Retriever – love those dogs.

After their engagement photos, we went a good year and a half without seeing each other face to face.  Because of this, it was just so exciting to see them again!

Highlights of the day:

  • The two had breakfast together early in the morning.  What an awesome thing to do. We would do that if we were getting married now.
  • They got ready together (as in makeup) but were back to back, so they still didn’t see each other until first look.
  • While we are on the subject of food, Brasa catered!!! You can never go wrong with them. Such amazing food.
  • Jenna’s suit!!!  Omg, I have been waiting forever for someone to do a green suit and she nailed it.  Also, Janine’s dress was gorgeous.  Just really slick and stylish.
  • They had an ice cream sandwich bar.  And those ice cream sandwiches were GOOD!
  • When they walked back down the aisle after the first kiss, “Run the World (Girls)” by Beyonce played.

Thank you to the following people for making this such an incredible day!

Venue: Earl and Wilson Event Center
Planner: Laine Palm Planning
Photography: RKH Images
Catering: Brasa
Bar: Liquid Motion
Hair and Makeup: Primped
Lighting: Phos Events

wedding dress hanging up

Bride getting makeup done on wedding day.

Two brides getting their makeup done together, but facing away from one another.

Bridesmaid laughing while holding a champagne flute.

woman smiling while looking down

woman dressing in green suit

Bride getting dressed in green suit on wedding morning.

Bride seeing her bride at first look.

Lesbian brides holding hands looking at one another at Earl and Wilson Event Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Bride holding bouquet while looking out the window of Earl and Wilson Event Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Lesbian brides holding each other and laughing on their wedding day.

lesbian wedding brides dancing

all women wedding party facing camera at Earl Wilson Event Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

bride walking down the aisle

Lesbian bride seeing her bride walking down to aisle at Earl Wilson Event Center in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

lesbian wedding first kiss under lights

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