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In Home Newborn Photography: Bre and Kyle | Wayzata Newborn Photography

Weeks after Bre and Kyle’s maternity session, we were back to shoot their in home newborn photography!

Those that have worked with us know that pretty much all of our newborn photography is in home newborn photography.  There are a lot of reasons as to why it works so well.  The number one reason: everyone is comfortable.  The baby is comfortable in their familiar environment.  The parents are comfortable.  Everything the baby needs is going to be in the house.  Whether it be food, blankets, a nursery, anything.  Plus, there is something amazing about getting those newborn photos in the place where the baby lives.  The memories feel so much more organic to us.

This is the fourth time we have done photos for Bre and Kyle.  It began with their engagement session.  It then led to the wedding, maternity, and now baby photos.  Their whole family is just wonderful and we love working with them.  It was a great session.  We shot photos of their baby with them, then some solo ones.  We didn’t do these in a nursery, as we do with a lot of the sessions.  Rather, we got a big pillow and would place blankets on it to give it different looks.

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