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Rainy Evening Engagement Photos: Katie and Ben | Lebanon Hills Regional Park

This was originally a sunset engagement session.  It turned into rainy evening engagement photos, as Minnesota can be crazy with weather.

Katie and Ben’s rainy evening engagement photos were the start of one of the busiest weeks of our year.  So many engagement sessions, family sessions, senior and more.  People love those fall colors!  We went from this sunset session to a sunrise session the next morning.  It was SO busy!  Due to the weather, we got the park nearly all to ourselves.  That’s pretty fun.  The two of them nailed the outfits.  I love when people do a more formal look and then a casual look.  Also, love Katie’s lipstick.  You can never go wrong with a red lip.

The two of them are getting married on what many would consider Thanksgiving weekend this year.  When we talked about their day, all I could think was this: after their wedding, I’ll come home and eat a bunch of Thanksgiving leftovers.  This coming from the people who ALWAYS have some kind of snack after a wedding. I’m also a total nerd about Thanksgiving and cooking, so it was the first thing to come to mind.

Both of them were so sweet to work with.  Often times, people worry with weather changes and they just went with the flow.  That’s so nice.  Especially considering the fact that this session was a reschedule.  The first date we had on the books for their engagement photos was horribly hot and humid.  To the point where you can get sick from it.  So we rescheduled.  And then it rained.  Of course it did.  So it goes to show, it’ll all work out.  Don’t sweat the weather.  You can’t control it.

We are very excited to be shooting their wedding at the beautiful Almquist Farm in a few weeks!!

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