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Becca: Minnehaha Falls Senior Photography | Minnesota Senior Photographer

Becca’s Minnehaha Falls senior photography was such a fun shoot.

The day was fine until the shoot started and it began to rain.  Such is Minnesota weather.  Luckily, we had shot a wedding in that same spot earlier that season.  It had also rained that day, so we weren’t worried.  Just because it rains doesn’t mean you can’t get great shots.  It didn’t last long and we were able to go all over the area.

For those not familiar with the location, Minnehaha Falls is really pretty.  Minnehaha Falls senior photography is gorgeous.  With the backdrop of not only the falls, but the greens and more, the pictures are going to be great.

We loved Becca’s clothing choices for this shoot.  A flannel is always going to look great in fall senior photos.  We are really partial to them.  Her second outfit was very different from the flannel outfit.  That gave a nice variety.  Plus, she wore Vans.  Kyle loves Vans, so it’s always fun when someone wears them in photos.

It was great getting to get some beautiful photos by the falls.  The autumn yellows and oranges were also gorgeous.  They gave a lot of variety and flair to the photos.  Again, that’s just Minnesota for you.

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