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RKH Images Best of 2023: Weddings and Portraits | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

As a Minnesota wedding photographer, we like to post some of our favorites each year.  And, as a Minnesota wedding photographer, we still have so many more than just these.

Each year, we make one of these lists.  I have to say that over the last three years, they have become so much happier.  The one next year is going to be crazy because we have so many more weddings booked.  We also do one for concerts.  So if you’re interested in that, make sure to check that list out.

It can be difficult picking out these photos for a number of reasons.  One, there are SO many.  We shoot tens of thousands of wedding photos a year.  It is so easy to forget about specific photos.  I even realized when looking through these that one of our weddings was actually in 2023.  Because it was in the winter of 2023, it seemed so long ago.

We love to mix in both wedding and engagement photos.  They are both about the same journey, so we feel they belong together. This year was such a crazy mix of things.

What you’ll see here you won’t see elsewhere (maybe):

  • SO many champagne photos!
  • Pumpkin heads
  • Wedding photos taken when it was -15.
  • Minnesota State Fair engagement photography
  • And so much more!!

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