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Chilly Engagement Photos: Alisha and Dylan | Whitetail Woods Regional Park | Farmington Engagement Photography

This was a crazy day for photo sessions, so we’re really happy Alisha and Dylan were up for it.  Regardless of how these photos look, they were chilly engagement photos.  And they were chilly engagement photos in the Minnesota way.  You’ll understand as you read on.

The two of them are getting married in 2020 at the Science Museum of Minnesota (I know, right – how much fun is that????) and we hadn’t met them yet. Before the engagement session, we met for coffee and literally talked about the wedding for about 2% of the time we were there. The rest of the time was just chit chatting because these two are very much a younger version of the two of us and so much fun.

We got to Whitetail Woods Regional Park and it was COLD.

It was thirty-five degrees out, which in Minnesota is fine.  However, it was incredibly windy. To the point where we were like, “Let’s put you in the tall grass for a shot”.  Then the tall grass suddenly all blew down to the point where it showed us things in it that we had never seen before. So it was interesting, to say the least.

Alisha and Dylan are such fun, carefree people. They just played around through most of the shoot, which results in the photos below. This is one of the shoots we show to people when we show that getting yourself worked up for photography is not necessary. Seriously, it was freezing out, they didn’t do a clothing change due to the cold, Dylan didn’t have a coat, and it was snowing on the way to the park. They didn’t let it bother them. Just let it go and have fun with what you have because it will show in the photos.

We followed up with the two of them months later at at one of our Minnesota State Fair mini sessions.  It was so much fun and so much warmer.

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