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City Engagement Photography: Ann & Andrew | Saint Paul | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This engagement session had so many of our favorite things – city engagement photography, awesome people, tattoos, rainbow hair, and more…

The cool thing about these two is how much they differed from our typical poses during engagement sessions. We usually have a variety of poses, as people are 100% comfortable shooting the second we start, so we have to get to know what they like with photography. They ended up doing a lot of fun things (the Spiderman kiss, photos in the hockey jerseys, etc) and being themselves, which is what we love. They are getting married in Saint Paul next year, so it was fun to shoot in the city of Saint Paul.

We love city engagement photography and we honestly could not tell you why.  Maybe it’s because it’s in the minority of the photos we usually do.  Most of our clients go for a more woodsy or park setting with photos.  Getting to utilize things in the city is awesome.  A photographer’s eye loves things like high buildings, city streets, the Light Rail (I love the Light Rail in photography), and more.  Despite things such as construction and other not so pretty things downtown, they really add to the atmosphere of photos.

These photos are a great example of why city engagement photography works.  They are incredibly fun and vibrant against the classic look of the city.

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