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Backyard Elopement: Dennis and Arron | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

It’s the time of COVID restrictions, so a backyard elopement is not something new.  For those looking at this in the years past 2020, you may not even recall that people did this.  But a backyard elopement was the only feasible option for a lot of couples at this time.

Dennis and Arron are fantastic.  We originally met them for pizza at their consult and talked to them for hours.  We then shot their engagement photography in Saint Paul and ended up going out to eat with them again.  They originally were to be married at Target Field due to their love of baseball (see their shirts in these photos).  They were going to have everyone (vendors included) dressed in a required wardrobe of either baseball jerseys or Hawaiian shirts.  We were super excited.  Then the pandemic hit and everything changed.

After an initial cancellation, they worked with vendors and decided to postpone it to next year.  However, they wanted to do a small ceremony once the stay at home order was lifted.  Since no one had any real idea when that would be, it was literally just day to day.  When it finally happened, they decided to do a small outdoor ceremony at Mears Park near their home in Saint Paul.  The day was arriving and then the riots happened in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  We were actually at our cabin at that time and the two of them ended up coming up there and staying at our cabin.  The next day, they drove home and got married in the backyard of a friend outside of the cities.

In the end, they got married.  And in the end, that’s all that matters with a wedding. So no matter how crazy your planning is and how many things stand in your way, remember what is most important to you.

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  1. Jennifer Huffman says:

    Beautiful pictures, so glad we got to share this your special day with you both.

  2. Deborah Fossan says:

    Great pictures! I’m so happy for you guys. What a beautiful event.

  3. Daylene says:

    These are beautiful. For all the joy and love in these pictures, you would never imagine the hurdles that were encountered along the way to the alter. This is perfect. And precious. And it is all YOU. 💗


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