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stillwater cabin wedding couple by fireplace

Amy and Justin: Stillwater Cabin Wedding | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Amy and Justin were married in a cabin wedding in Stillwater on what should have been a crisp fall day.  Rather, it became a snowy fall day after record snowfalls hit Minnesota.  But hey, what would 2020 be without that too, right?

This wedding had a bunch of changes to it.  That’s nothing new this year, but I honestly feel this one changed for the better.  It was such a good day.  They were originally going to get married at a venue on the Saturday of this week.  However, they then decided to get married at a church and changed their date to the Friday of that week.  They also had to move locations for the rest of the day a few times due to the pandemic and eventually settled on this gorgeous spot.  This cabin was SO cool.  A cabin wedding is awesome.  Maybe that’s just the Minnesotan in me.  I don’t know. They’re so pretty and homey though.

We were so happy to shoot their day.  As of now, it was the last wedding we shot and it left us on such a positive note.  There were so many awesome moments to this day.  Again, so many congrats to these two!

Highlights from the day:

  • Amy and Justin’s positivity despite all the changes and hurdles involved in not only their day, but this year overall
  • The awesome Frank Sinatra mug shot canvas on the wall in the cabin.  I love that mug shot.  I ended up getting a sweatshirt with it on it not long after.
  • Everyone got into sweats after the ceremony and formal photos.  I love this because this is actually what I did at my wedding (except it was a tank top and jeans).  There’s no reason to stay all fancied up all night if you’re not comfortable.  Have fun and dance if that’s what you want!
  • The cake photos!  Okay, I think cake photos are some of the best things ever.  Even if you aren’t doing cake, do a donut, cupcake, whatever.  Have fun with it.  Amy went to try to stick cake on Justin’s face and he figured it out pretty fast and got cake on her.  The photos of it are hilarious.  I don’t know if I’ve ever delivered more cake photos to a couple before.

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