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Home Wedding: Brooke and Aaron | Sartell, Minnesota | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Home wedding photography is a thing we never really thought we would do.  If we did, we figured it would maybe be once or twice.  We also had no idea what to think of it.  Turns out, we love a home wedding.  Not only that, if we were getting married again, we’d probably have one at our house.

Brooke and Aaron’s wedding was so beautiful.  They contacted us after we shot their friends’ wedding a few years back.  Aaron was actually the officiant in that wedding.  Due to that, we kept joking about how we had already photographed him.  They told us how they were planning a small home wedding.  The awesome thing is how used to shooting these home weddings we have become.  It can be a bit intimidating at first.  You never know what someone’s house is going to look like when you go to shoot there.  Now, we just go with it.  The pandemic has helped us considerably in that way.  Brooke and Aaron’s day was gorgeous.

We originally met with them when we did their engagement session.  They did the session with their adorable Corgi, Zelda.  That dog is so damn cute.  We had so much fun with them and were more than excited to shoot their wedding.

Highlights of the day:

  • Getting to see Katie and Brian again, or former wedding clients
  • Aaron and Brian had made Daft Punk helmets (see below)
  • It was Aaron’s mom’s birthday.  They surprised her with a cake.  It was so cute.
  • The chill atmosphere
  • The wedding party playing pool before the wedding
  • Aaron carried Brooke over the threshold after the wedding
  • Pretty much everything

We loved photographing this wedding.

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