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Vineyard Wedding: Erin and John | 7 Vines Vineyard | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

A vineyard wedding one of our favorite types of weddings.  Why?  They’re just so beautiful.  A vineyard wedding provides such a natural and lush backdrop for the day.

When we found out that Erin and John were getting married at 7 Vines Vineyard, we were really excited. We had never been there before.  However, we had shot weddings at several spots along the way.  Due to this, we kept pointing out whose weddings we had shot and where on the drive.  Wedding photographers find things like this hilarious.  I know, it doesn’t take much.

Erin and John are one of our couples whose wedding had to be postponed in 2020.  I remember their postponement call really well because it was when we were hiding out at the cabin, getting away from the madness of the world.  We were SO happy to finally be shooting their day.  Due to the postponement, they actually were married last year in a small ceremony. Much like many of our weddings this year, they had a renewal ceremony.  That was actually pretty awesome.  It was about two minutes long.  It took longer to get everyone down the aisle than to do the whole ceremony.

These two are a pretty cool couple.  The weather was not anyone’s friend that day, for example.  There was a tornado watch over the area.  It was almost 100% humidity.  Before the ceremony, there was an enormous black cloud beside us.  It started to rain. Regardless, they had fun and even came out in the rain for some amazing rain photos.  We are so grateful to them for braving the weather with us to get them. We were standing there getting rained on just yelling, “It’s looks SO GOOD!!”

Again, congrats to them.  Any couple who had to deal with planning last year deserves extra praise.

Highlights of the day:

  • Normally if there are hair issues, it is with one of the women.  Not this day.  John’s hair would NOT cooperate.  We had to move him with the wind all day.  That wind was crazy too.
  • Erin’s assistant was absolutely awesome.
  • The two danced in the rain.  Although we already mentioned that, it’s worth a second mention.
  • During the first dance, all the kids outside ran up to the window to watch it.

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