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Sunset in the Park: Alison and Dan | Lebanon Hills Regional Park | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Sunset in the park is such a pretty thing to see.  At Lebanon Hills Regional Park, they have the water, the trees, and so much more.  When the sunset hits, it’s simply gorgeous. So it makes sense that anyone who wants their sunset in the park engagement photos done, this is the place for it.

When Alison and Dan got in touch with us to shoot their wedding, there was a funny connection.  Alison actually knows a friend of Kyle’s.  Not only is he a friend of his, but they have known one another since third grade.  They’ve been through a lot in life and so it’s a hilarious connection.  Also, yet another thing that ages us, lol.

It was really nice to see the two of them again.  Last year, we started booking 2022 weddings.  People wanted to get on the calendar.  Well, that also means that they weren’t ready for their engagement photos yet.  We actually booked with these two in April of this year, but it still feels like a forever ago.  Everyone is starting to get their engagement photos done now and it’s SO NICE!

We do need to talk about how awesome Alison’s green dress is.  SERIOUSLY.  This is why we like to educate all our clients on what looks awesome “on film” when it comes to colors, outfits, etc.  The photos below that have that green dress and all the greenery around them! Just beautiful!

We are really excited to be shooting their wedding next June!


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