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Saint Paul Wedding: Hailey and Jon | Irvine Park | Saint Paul Event Center | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This Saint Paul wedding was one of the rare short term bookings that we have.  It was no less fun than any of the others we have shot.

Jon and Hailey were married on a lovely day in September.  They actually were already married, something very common with many of our couples this year.  They had been married last year in Irvine Park and decided to have their renewal ceremony there as well.  The Saint Paul park is a gorgeous one, seated right in the middle of a beautiful historic neighborhood.  Seriously, the surrounding houses look like dollhouses.  It’s a wonderful place for a wedding and one of those great reasons to have a  Saint Paul wedding.

As stated above, this wedding was a short term booking.  Hailey and Jon booked us a few mere months prior to the wedding.  Amazingly, we were actually open, but I feel the fact that the wedding was on a Friday really helped.  We actually met with them for the first time AND did their engagement photos two weeks before the wedding.  Although that has happened a few times, it certainly is not the norm.

The reception was at the Saint Paul Event Center.  We had never shot there before.  When I arrived, I could tell you that if I was getting married now, I would look at it as a venue.  Nestled in the middle of the city, it has huge windows that oversee everything.  The space itself is huge, but minimalist at the same time.  It was perfect for the day and everyone there clearly had so much fun.

Highlights of the day

  • The groomsmen couldn’t all fit in the car to get to the park, so they got scooters.   It was hilarious seeing all these formally dressed people riding scooters all day.
  • Hailey walked down the aisle to Alanis Morissettte’s “Head of Feet”.  I actually made a mix tape for Kyle when we were dating that included that song.
  • Hailey’s DRESS!!!  I mean, c’mon!!  It’s GORGEOUS!!!
  • Their venue was just perfection.

Vendors coming soon…

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