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Ashlee and Nate : Autumn in Duluth Wedding | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Have you ever been to Duluth in the autumn?  Autumn in Duluth is AMAZING.  Although it isn’t as pretty as it’s more northern neighbors, it’s beautiful.  This is why a wedding during the autumn in Duluth is such a beautiful event.

Ashlee and Nate had their wedding on a gorgeous fall day this year.  The two of them are so much fun.  We initially met them over Zoom or Facetime, I can’t remember which. I do remember their dogs running through the meeting and knocking over the phone a bunch, lol.  Since they are roughly three hours north of us, this was ideal.  We were happy to have booked them and met them for their engagement session weeks later.  If you saw their engagement session, you’ll remember it’s the one where they were in Lake Superior for the majority of it.  It was a really hot day.

Their wedding was so much fun.  The two were basically laughing the whole time.  That’s the sign of a perfect day. Also, this day was on a Sunday.  Some are really opposed to having weddings on Sundays.  This shows that you can have an incredible wedding regardless of the day.

Highlights of the day:

  • When Nate got Ashlee’s engagement ring, he pawned his guitar to buy it.  Ashlee bought him a guitar as a wedding gift.  I love this so much.
  • Ashlee’s bouquet had their date carved into the holder.
  • The bridal party watched the first look from the balcony. It was adorable.
  • The last set of photos was at night.  We were on the top of the stairs outside and Kyle fell down them backwards.  According to all the hockey players present, he fell like a champ and got an applause when he got up.
  • Everyone in their party and their families were great.  It’s always so nice when the people surrounding the couples are wonderful as well.

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