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Minneapolis Family Photography: The Simars | Boom Island Park

We shoot so much Minneapolis family photography and this location is awesome.  Where is it?  Boom Island Park!  We have actually shot a lot of engagement photos there, but I believe this is the first family session we shot there.

Ben and Tiffany booked a mini family session with us here.  We got to meet their adorable little daughter, Amelia for the first time.  She’s so cute!! We had actually done pregnancy photos with Tiffany, so it was wonderful to meet Amelia.  We would work with them again later, so seeing her grow is awesome.

There are lots of places to shoot Minneapolis family photography, but I can’t wait to get back to Boom Island.  At the time of this session, we were rather limited on space.  We spent the majority of the time on the bridge, which actually worked out quite well. Our mini sessions only run twenty minutes, so it’s best to find a great spot and stick with it.  That area by the bridge is great too because there is a path connected to it with lots of trees surrounding it.

We love working with this family and are so honored to capture all these moments for them.  It’s one of those things about being a photographer.   You don’t really realize how great this all is until you stand back and look at the big picture.  No pun intended.


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