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Warehouse Winery: Alisha and Dylan | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Alisha and Dylan were married at the Warehouse Winery on a chilly October day.  There were many interesting things about this day before it even began.

One it was their third wedding date.  Take one guess why?  Odds are, you’re correct.  The pandemic pushed their wedding pretty far out.  They were originally supposed to be married in August of 2020 at a different venue.  However, that fell through.  They postponed and postponed again.  In the end, they wound up at Warehouse Winery, which was a perfect venue for the two of them.  They’re both such colorful people and this seemed a wonderful spot for them.

Not only had they postponed their date three times, they had booked us in 2018.  We had done their engagement photos as well as photos of them at the State Fair.  By the time the day rolled around, we were beyond stoked.  It was one of those, “It’s FINALLY here!” moments.

Highlights of the day:

  • There were four first looks.  Alisha did one with her dad.  Dylan did one with his daughter.  Alisha and Dylan did theirs.  And finally, Alisha surprised Dylan by flying a friend of his in and he dressed up like a bride and surprised him.  That was really fun.
  • Alisha’s mom wore an Iron Maiden hoodie at the beginning of the day because she knows what a big Maiden fan Kyle is.
  • Alisha wore her glasses at her wedding.  I love that.
  • Instead of doing a bouquet toss, they locked up the bouquet. Keys were handed out later in the evening and you got the bouquet if your key opened the case it was in.
  • Alisha’s coat was SO pretty.  Although cold weather isn’t fun, when you add coats and winter accessories to wedding days, they look beautiful.


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