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Cozy Engagement Photography: Tara and Lance | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

When you think of cozy engagement photography, what do you picture?  Better yet, am I the only one who loves cozy engagement photography?

Looking at these photos, I know it’s going to be easy to forget the crazy weather during the shoot in a few months.  Because the weather was crazy that day.  Why?  It was windy as all get out.

We arrived at The Outpost Center in Chaska for their engagement photography.  Tara and Lance are getting married there next year and the venue let them use it for engagement photos.  I love that.  It’s such a cool idea.  Plus, we get photograph at the venue prior to the wedding.  Well, we get out of the car and are greeted by what could seriously have been fifty mile an hour winds.  Like, it slammed my car door shut.  So then comes the concern because shooting in that kind of wind is not fun.  Hair goes all over the place in the non flattering way, your eyes water, and it’s just a pain.  I’m known for not rescheduling shoots, but we were talking about it.

Lance then suggested that we walk down to the prayer cottage in the woods on the property.  PERFECT.  There was still wind, but it was absolutely nothing like before.  Not only that, but the area we went to was so beautiful.  It just goes to show how much you can photograph in a small space.

The two are getting married next summer and we are SO excited to be working with them again.

cozy engagement photography couple sitting on porch cozy engagement photography couple lift cozy engagement photography couple walking cozy engagement photography couple sitting in grass cozy engagement photography couple kissing cozy engagement photography laughing couple cozy engagement photography cottage


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