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Excelsior Engagement Photography: Sara and Chris | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Doing Excelsior engagement photography is a real treat to me.   Anyone that lives in Minnesota knows that Excelsior is certainly a fancier area of the Twin Cities.  I did not grow up in the fancier, more expensive areas.  Kyle grew up way closer to that area, so he doesn’t get as excited about it, lol.  Going to Excelsior is super fun on my end.  Excelsior engagement photography is especially fun because the area is picture perfect.

Funny thing about this engagement session, it was on a Sunday morning.  That’s not really the funny part.  The funnier part is that we had shot a wedding on not only the Friday two days prior, but also the Saturday of that weekend.  So we were SPENT, to say the least.  I was basically just running on fumes.  As much as we want to be there 100% for every client, we’re just people.  And after running for twelve hours for two days prior, it wasn’t possible.  Thankfully, when we started shooting, these two were just candid as all get out.  Seriously.  We didn’t have to pose them hardly at ALL.  They were just having a ton of fun.  We could have shot their whole session in twenty minutes if we had to.  They were great.

Needless to say, we woke up much more.  It was more of just hanging out with friends that way. After the session, we decided to go to Lago’s Tacos.  All I have to say is, GO THERE.  If we lived closer to Excelsior, I’d be there all the time.  Getting to have a fun lunch with them was also so wonderful.  We love just getting to hang out with clients because it makes the wedding day SO much easier.

We’re very excited to be shooting their wedding at Kellerman’s Event Center next summer!

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