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tea party engagement session

Tea Party Engagement Session: Robert and Tylor | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

When a couple tells us upon our initial meeting that they want their wedding to be a campy tea party wedding, we can’t wait.

We met with Robert and Tylor over Zoom months back to discuss their day.  The description of their ideal day was right up our alley.  Like, we are REALLY looking forward to their wedding.  I feel like the way you would really enjoy yourself around them is if you enjoy camp.  And Kyle and I LOVE camp.  They told us that they want their wedding to be a campy tea party, very over the top.  In that, they wanted their engagement session to have the same feel.  Well, they succeeded!

When we arrived, there were SO many props.   I would never have known what to do with all these props, lol.  There were fancy chairs, lots of Pop-Tarts, a rotary phone, tea cups, and so much more.  With the inclusion of their two dogs, there was so much to work with.  The first half of the session was to shoot more traditional photos.  Then after that, all the fun was had.  It was like being on a set, we were all laughing so hard.  They put pearls and and bows on their dogs, which was adorable.  Speaking of their dogs, they were super well behaved, which made for some awesome photos.

We are really looking forward to their at home wedding next fall.  They are both such fun people.  Plus, when you find people who have the same silly sense of humor that you do, you’re all set!


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