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Sunrise Engagement Photos: Addison and Christopher | Saint Anthony Main | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

I’m just going to be honest here and say that sunrise engagement photos RULE.  People talk about sunset for days, for sunrise engagement photos are our favorite!  Why?

As if the photos below aren’t enough to answer that, there’s a few more things that make this time of day amazing for photos.

  • The colors are incredible!  Even if you don’t get a golden hour, you can’t beat that blue color just before sunrise.
  • Far less people.  This is the time of day when we have seen the least amount of people in public places.
  • You do your photos and then have the WHOLE day to do everything else.  I love that.  Getting breakfast after shooting photos is just fun.

Moving past those little bullet points, let’s get into the session.  These photos were originally supposed to be shot on the weekend.  However, as many of you familiar with the area know, a run was then scheduled across the bridge at that time.  Due to that, the streets were closed and there would not be a ton of parking.  We all decided to move this to an early Monday morning.  Awesome choice because this went very well.  It was COLD that morning.  Getting up before the sun when it’s cold is not a fun situation.  So we all pushed through it and were grateful that we did.

Addison and Christopher are just awesome people.  We met with them a few months back to get to know one another.  We bonded over our loves of Harry Potter (see the hats in this post).  We love when we find out clients are Harry Potter nerds.  It makes things so much fun.   I got a text from Addison saying they wanted us to shoot their wedding when we were shooting another wedding. I ran up to Kyle and was like, “We got the wedding!” and he went, “the Harry Potter one??”.  So we are really excited about their wedding.

This session was just fun.  It barely seemed like work to us.  Those are the best ones.  Also, it was hilarious to have already gotten up, driven to Minneapolis, worked, and had breakfast prior to 9am.


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