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Winter Engagement Photos: Erin and Mark | Stone Arch Bridge | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Winter engagement photos in Minnesota are not super hard to come by. However, a lot of people don’t want winter engagement photos.  Not because they aren’t beautiful.  Rather, it’s because winter in Minnesota is FREAKING COLD!  Regardless, there are some people who are awesome enough to push through it and it’s so worth it!

We first met Erin and Mark in person at this engagement session.  The two are from San Francisco, so our original meeting was on Zoom.  The original meeting was only with Erin, so we full blown met Mark for the first time at the session.  They are both really nice people and were so easy to work with.  It’s always nice when that is the case because meeting people for the first time is always a little hard for everyone.  We chit chatted with them so much during this session.  That was great because it was COLD.

It’s so funny because we were at this same location last week and it looked so different.  There was no snow then. Either way, Saint Anthony Main is such a beautiful area.  We decided to run over to the Stone Arch Bridge, which wasn’t planned.  Those bridge photos were honestly my favorite photos of this session and we have shot there SO much.  The bridge was pretty much empty due to the cold.  There had been a huge snowfall the day prior, so it had a perfect covering of snow on it. It was just gorgeous.

We’re so excited to be working with these two for their upcoming wedding!

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