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Mini Session: Jana and Paul | Hansen Tree Farm | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We get asked a lot if we do mini sessions.  We do, however, now we only do them once a year.  And if you’re asking yourself what a mini session is, well, here you go.

A mini session is sort of what it sounds like.  It’s a miniature version of what we normally do.  Instead of shooting with us for one hour, you get us for twenty minutes.  Mini sessions get our clients ten photos versus the amount you would purchase with a standard or premium session.  They’re awesome for when you need some nice photos real quick.  We always think of holiday cards when it comes to this.  That’s why our annual mini sessions take place in November.  That, and the weddings slow down for a bit that month, giving us time.

We were really excited to do our mini sessions at the beautiful Hansen Tree Farm this year.   The location is gorgeous and it’s so fun for holiday sessions.  Plus, we get to see past clients!  That’s always fun.  In this particular session, we got to see Jana and Paul again.  These two are amazing.  We shot their wedding a few years back and have been close with them ever since.  They’re just super easy to work with and working with them is like chatting with old friends.

They brought their dog, Izzo, who is such a doll.  He’s an older dog but you wouldn’t know it, the way he acts.  He’s always running around and having fun like a puppy.

These two are just lovely to work with and we feel so thankful to have clients like them.

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