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historic concord exchange wedding

The Historic Concord Exchange: Yesenia and Michael | Saint Paul | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

We had never photographed a wedding at The Historic Concord Exchange prior to this wedding.  Now, we’d love to shoot there over and over again.  The Historic Concord Exchange is a gorgeous wedding venue in Saint Paul that we most likely drove past hundreds of times.  Much like many places similar to it, it can somehow be easy to not see it until you need to be there.  We would recommend everyone check it out, even to see the beautiful building.

Yesenia and Michael were married there on a warm March Sunday this year.  They had quite a short engagement and knew exactly what they wanted, which was awesome.  You’ve most likely heard us say it before if you read this blog regularly.  We love when people know what they want.  It makes the day run so smoothly.  We were referred to us by former clients, which we also always love.  Past client and venue referrals make up the majority of our work now.  That’s so nice because there is a sense of familiarity to those weddings.
The two of them are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.  They are the type of people that would do anything for you.  That made the day so lovely because their families were the same way.

Highlights of the day:

  • They have a Chihuahua!  Those of you that know us know that we LOVE Chihuahuas.  That was an awesome way to start the day, as when we opened the door to the getting ready room, the Chihuahua ran up to see us.
  • Again, SUCH nice people!  We felt so welcome.
  • The wedding was on a Sunday. I love Sunday weddings because there seems to always be a calmness to them over any other day of the week.
  • The venue was SO pretty!!
  • Yesenia’s dress!!!
  • They had a small guest list. That has become really common in the last few years and it makes for such an intimate day.


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