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Rooftop Wedding: Erin and Bill | A’Bulae | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This rooftop wedding is a specific marker in time for us.  It is the last of the postponed weddings we are shooting.  After this wedding, all of our weddings on the books are ones that were not affected by the pandemic.  That’s a BIG thing for anyone in the wedding industry, so we are super happy about this one. We are also happy for another reason.  This wedding came from a referral from another wedding we shot.  We LOVE when that happens because we just get to go be around a group of amazing people again.

Erin and Bill were married on a Thursday in June at A’bulae in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  One thing I absolutely love about this venue is the rooftop ceremony.  Not sure why, but I’m a real sucker for rooftop wedding ceremonies.  It’s just cool to be able to look upon the city when you’re getting married.
We had to give them a tremendous amount of credit because it was really sunny and hot on that roof during formal photos.  Lots of squinting and sweating, but they pushed through it.

Highlights of the day:

  • For their guestbook, Erin and Bill had people sign patches that would later be made into a quilt.
  • One of the guest’s kid was dressed like Spiderman all night.  It was hilarious.  We couldn’t help but take photos of him.
  • The groomsmen wanted to do a rap album photo. Kyle instantly said that they should do the N.W.A “Straight Outta Compton” cover and they loved.  They also all posed it up without direction.
  • Erin’s dress!!! This has been the year of incredible dresses for us.

Thank you to the following vendors for helping make this day happen:
Venue: A’bulae
Photography: RKH Images
Caterer: Mintahoe
Hair and Makeup: Onsite
Wedding Dress: Flutter
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Bella
Shoes: Keds
Tuxes: The Black Tux
Rings: James Allen and Brilliant Earth
Florist: Alana Profit
DJ: Bellagala
Cake: Mintahoe

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