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Summer Family Photography: Hidden Valley Park | Savage Family Photography

Savage Family Photography

First things first, this is actually not the first time we have done Savage family photography. We do quite a lot of Savage family photography in Savage, Minnesota. We do most of our photos at Hidden Valley Park.  The park is really nice and is kind of a hidden gem if you aren’t familiar with the area.  There is a wooded area, water, a playground for kids, and a lot of trails.  We have shot numerous family sessions and a few engagement sessions here as well.

This was a special session for me because half of it contains my sister and her kids.  The other half of the people in these photos are their cousin and family on their dad’s side.  And I’m just going to sit here and be super bias.  My niece and nephew are freaking adorable.  Seriously, they’re so cute.  Plus, I think this is the best they have ever done with us taking photos of them.  We have done it so many times and they were just great this time around.

I have to give my sister some credit. She always nails outfits when it comes to family photos.  They all match so well.

Funny story.  Every time we do a session that involves kids, we find parents apologizing for things kids do. It’s so funny because they are just kids.  They’re going to do what kids do.  Well, at this session, one of them really liked to knock things over.  We were doing a group photo of all the adults on the bridge.  All of a sudden, I heard this sound that I can’t place.  It was my sister’s Starbucks drink being knocked off the bridge into the water!  Here I’m worried that one of the kids fell in the water.  Kids will be kids and do stuff you don’t account for.

The same went for when my nephew’s cousin grabbed his little toy car and threw it in the water.  Kyle, having had this happen to him as a kid, jumped in to find it!  It was so funny.

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