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Summer Engagement Session: Ana and James | Lower Trail | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Summer Engagement Session

Ana and James are another one of our couples that booked a short engagement with us this year.  They booked us in April and are getting married in August.  That was SO common with us in 2023 until about June.  Due to this, we actually met them for the first time at the engagement session.  We also did their second consult the same day as their engagement session.  So it was a busy morning!

The two of them were so fun.  They brought their dog, Orion, and Ana’s sister brought her puppy, Mars.  Mars got a lot of attention because he is only four months old, so, you know, CUTE.  We shot these photos at the Lower Trail in Saint Anthony Main.  I hadn’t been down there is years.  Kyle has shot senior photography there recently. It is such a pretty location!  I’m excited to do more photography down there.

We loved the couples’ choice of colors for this shoot.  It was so funny because the Barbie movie just came out before this shoot.  All I could think was that Ana looked like a Barbie because of that dress.  They are both artists and it really showed at the shoot because they were both so animated.  James played the mandolin for Ana in the water, which was totally their idea.  Usually we have a bunch of ideas for posing and such at sessions.  However, we really just let them go for most of this because they just came up with a lot of stuff on their own.  Case in point – we were walking down by Nicollet Island.  All of a sudden, the Segway tour comes by.  James just goes, “Oh, let’s get a picture with the Segways!”  And the Segway picture was born.

They are getting married at Como Zoo this August.  We have shot weddings at Como, but one very small ones.  When we say small, we mean roughly ten guests.  This will be a full wedding with the ceremony and reception.  So we are really excited to see how it all turns out.

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