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Minnehaha Falls Wedding Photography: Jen and Steve | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Jen and Steve’s Minnehaha Falls wedding was an awesome little micro wedding.  We actually had never shot a Minnehaha Falls wedding before.  We had shot engagement sessions there prior, so we were excited.

A little backstory, we have known Steve for years.  Kyle has known him longer than I have.  But I met him through Kyle.  He used to work for a record label and we would go to his office and he would give us promos.  It was so great. That was over twenty years ago. So when we were shooting the ceremony, I just felt really lucky to be photographing it.

He contacted me two months ago about wedding photography.  Much like many people that have contacted us, he thought their wedding was too small for us.  But that is never the case.  We shoot big weddings, small weddings, and all kinds in between.  When we met with them, we met Jen for the first time and couldn’t wait to shoot their day.

It rained like crazy the day of.  This was the third wedding of a three wedding weekend.  Needless to say, we were happy that this was only a three hour affair.  Plus, the rain was better than the extreme humidity we had dealt with the days prior.  Luckily by the time the outdoor ceremony rolled around, the rain had pretty much ceased.  The thunder was going throughout, which I loved.  The two were surrounded by their kids.  I love when people have their kids at their weddings. Being surrounded by all your loved ones is so cool.

After the ceremony photos, we did family shots at Minnehaha Falls.  We then took Jen and Steve to Saint Anthony Main for couples’ photos.  They finished off their day with a family dinner at Aster Cafe.

We really love micro weddings.




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