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Minnesota State Fair Engagement Photos : Emily and Grant

Minnesota State Fair Engagement Photos

We were so excited when these two told us they wanted Minnesota State Fair engagement photos!
When we booked with Emily and Grant, we talked to them about engagement photography.  Ninty-nine percent of the time, couples do not have a specific place in mind for engagement photos.  In that case, we narrow it down with them.  However, these two knew exactly where they wanted their photos taken.  The Minnesota State Fair!

We were really psyched about this.  It’s always so much fun to photograph couples at The Minnesota State Fair.  For those that have been there, you know what kind of energy it has.  It’s just such a different spot to shoot at.  Not only did Emily and Grant want their photos there, they wanted them at night.  And for those that have followed us, you know about our night photos.

Meeting after the sun went down, we shot by the Ferris wheel, then went to the Sky Glider.  I am scared to death of the Sky Glider.  And anything that is ski lift in nature. I always feel like I’m going to fall out.  But if a client wants it, well, here we go.  Kyle and I went in the car behind them.  The whole time, Kyle’s having fun.  In the contrary, I’m next to him just terrified.  We get off it, only to find out that Emily and Grant are also scared of the Sky Glider.  They too, just did it for the photos.  That was hilarious.  I just loved it.

We spent the night photographing on the carousel, in front of the fireworks, and throughout the Midway.  It was an awesome shoot and we are really excited to be working with them again in October/

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