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Summer Morning Engagement Photos: Sarah and Ryan | Centennial Lakes Park | Edina, Minnesota

Centennial Lakes Park Engagement Photography

Centennial Lakes Park is this awesome little spot in the middle of Edina that is perfect for engagement photos.  We hadn’t shot there in years.  Sarah and Ryan decided on it as a location for their photos.  When this happened, we were super excited.  It’s always nice to revisit a place after so long.  Not only did we revisit. We found a new spot in the park that made for a whole different look.

Sarah and Ryan booked us over the phone months back.  They are getting married next May and this was the first time we met with them.  They had come in from Chicago over the weekend.  In fact, they actually drove all the way back after the engagement session!  We got to meet them, Sarah’s mom, and their adorable little dog, Wrigley.  Wrigley was awesome.  He was all about taking photos and posing up for them.

This session was on a Monday morning. It’s pretty rare that we do a session on a Monday morning.  In fact, the last time we did one like that was another Chicago couple.  Who knows why?  This was a much warmer situation, however.

It turns out that Sarah was super nervous about the engagement session.  Her mom brought up how she had been talking about it all weekend. We wouldn’t have known, as she and Ryan were great.  That’s one thing about photography that is so important – being happy.  The two of them were happy together and it shone through in the photos.

Again, we can’t wait to work with them again in May.

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