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Alex and Zach: St Anthony Main Engagement Photography | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

St Anthony Main Engagement Photography

Alex and Zach’s St. Anthony Main engagement photography session was during one of our busiest seasons on record.  On this particular day, we had a consult in the morning, then their session.  Then, after that, the Vikings game.  In case you want some reference on that, it was the Vikings game that people thought Taylor Swift may show up at.  So we actually moved this session to before the game.  Had it been later, it would have been a nightmare getting home from Minneapolis.

We knew this engagement session was going to be a lot of fun.  Kyle knows Alex from work with 93X.  I still can’t be sure if I had ever met her prior to meeting about the wedding.  Odds are, yes.  She said she knew we would be her photographers right away.  She and Zach booked us over two years before their wedding, so they are our first booked 2025 wedding.

Both of them were a total joy to work with. They both seemed to have a lot of fun and their dog was a doll too.  So soft!  I’ve said it before, but hats are AWESOME for shoots.  We always recommend that if you are going to wear a hat for photos, leave it on once you put it on.  Otherwise, your hair will look crazy.  Alex wore it throughout the session and it worked so well with  her outfits. It was a crazy busy day in St Anthony Main (and all of Minneapolis, in general). Yet, we got great photos for them and it was so much fun.

We can’t wait to work with them again in 2025 at their Minneapolis Event Centers wedding!


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