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Rainy Minneapolis Engagement Photography: Mercy and Stephen | Saint Anthony Main | Minnesota Engagement Photography

This had to be one of our busiest weeks on record.  Not only that, but it seemed to be raining through all our engagement sessions. I’ll tell you, I love rainy Minneapolis engagement photography.  I love the rain.  That is a rare thing though.  Most people aren’t fans of rainy Minneapolis engagement photography. Much like our other couples that week, these two were awesome.

We originally met Mercy and Stephen over pizza a few months back.  We felt like we hadn’t seen them in forever.  It was so nice to get to see them again. Mercy was really nervous.  She told us halfway through that she was so happy with how comfortable we made her.  We just love when we hear that. It’s all we want.  The two of them looked amazing for this shoot.  We personally LOVE when people wear formal wear during their engagement shoots.  Since we work with people who like so many different looks, we don’t always see it.  But it makes the photos look SO good.

It was a rainy night.  Not super rainy, but it was getting there.  If you look at the skies in these photos, you’ll see the beauty of it.  One hilarious thing that happened was that when they were changing clothes, we ran into four photographers we knew.  It was a Saturday night, so there were so many weddings happening.  The Saint Anthony Main area is so popular, so this wasn’t a surprise.  But it was so funny.  It’s like they were just all over the place.

Mercy and Stephen are getting married next August at the Saint Paul College Club.  We are super excited for their big day!

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