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Engaged: Christine and Mark | Montissippi Regional Park | Monticello Engagement Photography

This was such a chilly shoot, but a fun one, regardless.

We met Christine and Mark at Montissippi Regional Park in Monticello for their engagement shoot.  This is a location we haven’t shot at yet.  That always makes for a fun challenge.  That it was, as the address on Google Maps took us to the wrong spot.  So we had to do some meandering.  Montissippi Regional Park is huge.  So once we found a place in the park that we really liked, we had to make sure that Christine and Mark got there.

We have known Christine for years, as we met her when working with KQRS.  Their wedding was the first 2024 wedding we booked.  Christine really wanted to get us on the books, so she booked us last winter.  It seemed like forever when we met for these photos.

Once we all met up, the goal was to stay warm and get some great shots.  What was really cool was that we barely had to go far from the parking lot to get some amazing looks.  There was so much to work with! Look at the photos. We were mere yards from the cars. Not only that, but we were mixed in with a bunch of teenage Frisbee golf players.  I mean, look at these photos.  These do not look like we literally could be standing right by the cars.

Okay, so how awesome in Christine’s hair? Seriously, I love it! But it also looks a lot like Kyle’s hair used to look, so I’m a little biased. She did great with the different outfits. Who doesn’t love a flannel in Minnesota engagement photography? Not to mention the sweaterdress she had in the second half of the session. We always like to encourage couples do one casual look and one fancier one. That way, they get varied looks in their photos.

We’re super excited to be shooting their wedding at Munsinger Gardens in September.  It’s going to be such a fun day!

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