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Plus Size Wedding Dresses: The Beauty of a Plus Size Bride | Minnesota Wedding Photography

Something I feel doesn’t get the attention they deserves are plus size wedding dresses.  This is actually the second part of our first shoot with Luxe Bridal.  Luxe Bridal is an awesome shop in Minnesota that specifically does plus size wedding dresses.  And they do an INCREDIBLE job.

Here’s the thing.  If you are a to be bride and you are plus size, it can be hard to find an amazing wedding dress.  Dress shops sometimes have some, but I have never seen anything like Luxe Bridal that has an entire shop dedicated to them.  That’s why we were so happy to do this shoot.  It was actually done years ago.  You can see our original post from this session here.   Currently, we are in the middle of our slow season and I was searching our hard drives for some new posts for the blog.  Only to find that there were actually hundreds of photos from this shoot that I hadn’t posted.  So this won’t be the last of these posts.

We like posting these to show that no matter what your size, you’ll look SO good on your wedding day.  We have always said that what makes people look good in photos is happiness.  It’s true.  If you look happy, you look beautiful.  This session was so fun and we got to meet some amazing people.  So many of our brides have gotten their dresses at Luxe Bridal and we recommend them to everyone.   They will make you look and feel amazing on your day.  Then we will photograph that.

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