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Christmas Engagement Photography: Maria and Andrew | Rice Park | Saint Paul Engagement Photos

I just have to say, Christmas engagement photography is fun.  What do I mean by Christmas engagement photography? I think you know.  If you don’t, I consider it anything with the pretty Christmas lights or decor in it.  For this specific session, we went to Rice Park with Maria and Andrew.   Rice Park in Saint Paul does an awesome job with all the Christmas lights during the holiday season.

When we first arrived, it was shortly before sunset.  We were concerned that the lights may not turn on, as it was already getting darker.  So we walked down the block from the park, only to turn around and see them turned on.  That was pretty fun.

Once thing Maria and Andrew really liked about our photography was our night photography.  We love when people like our night photos because we take a lot of pride in those photos.  They are more of a challenge for us, which we really enjoy.  To be able to take that into an engagement session is awesome.

We were planning on it being a super cold session, but luckily, we had a warmer winter this year.  We had so much fun with them.  They are getting married close to our home this year and we can’t wait to spend the day with them!


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