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Mcnamara Alumni Center Wedding: Megan and Kai | Minnesota Wedding Photographer

This is the second McNamara Alumni Center wedding we have shot.  We just love this venue.  It has a lot of unique features when you compare it to other venues.  Overall, we would highly recommend a McNamara Alumni Center wedding if you’re getting married.

Onto the couple, Megan and Kai are so fun.  When we originally met with them, it was due to a recommendation from a friend.  The particular friend of Kyle’s is really creative and funny, so we knew Megan and Kai would be great too.  One of the first things they asked us was if we would be willing to do a more unique engagement photography session.  We get this question a lot and the answer is always a resounding YES. We love when people want to be themselves.  We have shot engagement sessions based on album covers, a tea party, Halloween and more.  It’s honestly a lot of fun from our perspective too because it’s different.  We have been doing this for over a decade and it’s nice to have a challenge once in a while.

So what did they want to do?  They are rock climbers.  So they asked if we could shoot engagement photos of them at their rock climbing gym.  With the permission of the gym, we had so much fun doing it.  It was actually a sunrise session due to wanting to get in there early.  Half of the session was to be at Boom Island Park for the more typical photos, with the rest at the gym.  What happens?  It RAINS.  Megan and Kai were so cool about it.  They just had fun with the rain.  That’s one thing that made us feel so lucky to have them as clients.  People that just go with the flow are wonderful.

Highlights of the Day

  • Megan’s dress.  It was RED!!!  So awesome.  It had such an elegant look to it.  We just loved it.
  • They walked down the aisle together.  We had actually never seen that before and it was really cool.
  • Megan wore a family fur for photos.  It was gorgeous.  Then Kai put it on as well.
  • Their first dance was at the beginning of the reception.  We love when couples do that because then they can just enjoy dinner and not think about anything else they have to do.

Thank you to the following vendors for making this day so fun!

Venue: McNamara Alumni Center
Photography: RKH Images
Caterer: D’Amico & Sons
Accommodations: Graduate Hotel
Wedding Dress: Tadashi Shoji
Suit: Heime’s Haberdashery
Florist: Arts & Flowers
DJ: Instant Request

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