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Cake Smash Photos: The Ratcliffs | Otsego, Minnesota

Cake Smash Photos

It’s been a while since we have done cake smash photos.  We forgot how much fun they could be.

If this family looks familiar to you, it’s because they are all over our blog.  I was just looking at their fall photos with us from last fall.  This particular session was for their youngest son’s birthday.  We have done cake smashes with them in the past and they are so fun.

Crazy behind the scenes bit on this session.  We had gotten back from London, England a few days before it.  When we were in London, Kyle booked a concert out of town.  Well, the thing we didn’t know is that when you are in a different time zone, the calendar on our iPhone changes the time for the time zone you are in.  So he looked at the time this session was booked for and it looked like it was at 5pm.  In reality, it was actually at 11am.  We didn’t realize this until the day after we got back from London.  Luckily, we only had to move the session to the afternoon of the same day.

This session was really fun.  All the kids were having a great time.  That usually isn’t the case with this family, as their older son does not enjoy photography .  However, he was loving it that day.  To the point where all of us were surprised.

We had so much fun with them and can’t wait to work with them again!

Mom and Dad with three kids smile during family photography in Otsego, Minnesota.


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